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Antique Glass Domes

At Antique glass domes we provide top quality antique glass domes to the trade and public.

Over many years, Antique glass domes have acquired a very wide variety of different shapes and sizes, "others may say they have the largest supplier in the UK but I think our extensive list of ever growing stock speaks for itself".

The glass domes we sell are unique because they were individually hand blown by skilled victorian artisans, and their survival over a hundred / hundred and fifty years is testimony to their quality.

The antique glass domes we provide, will keep a clean and dust free environment for any objects that are placed inside them.

We can assure you that Antique Glass Domes is one of the most competitively priced Glass Dome suppliers, and is a supplier you can trust.

No Vat to Pay

With NO VAT to pay we guarantee your dome will arrive with you safe and sound without being damaged in the post.

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